Heart River Housing is a management body established by Ministerial Order under the Alberta Housing Act.

Representing 11 municipalities and with over 85 dedicated staff, Heart River Housing provides a variety of housing types that are accessible to low or moderate income households. These programs are delivered in a large, diverse geographical area in Northern Alberta. The 38,000 square kilometer region spans from Kinuso to Girouxville and from Fox Creek to Valleyview with the Central Office located in High Prairie. Heart River Housing assists over 900 individuals in 470 owned or operated units and provides rental assistance through a provincial supplement program in another 135 privately owned units.



To improve quality of life, Heart River Housing provides and promotes affordable, safe,  independent healthy living in our communities.


and Beliefs

Accountability: Heart River Housing believes in honesty, integrity, transparency and fiscal responsibility for our operations.

Service: Heart River Housing is committed to providing quality client services

Respect: Heart River Housing believes that board members, management, staff, and clients have mutual respect for each other and all clients.

Affordability: Heart River Housing strives to make affordable housing options and choices available in all our communities.

Teamwork: Heart River Housing’s organization operates as a team; each member plays an equal and important role in the direction and success of the organization including all Board members, staff, clients, municipal, regional, provincial and federal partners and other stakeholders

Flexibility: Heart River Housing is open to change and embraces opportunities for our organization to find better ways to meet the needs of our communities.


of Directors

Board members are appointed by the individual municipalities. The Management Body Board is an empowered body, charged with accountability for the authority over the organization's activities. The Board is required to discharge their responsibility consistent with the Alberta Housing Act and relevant regulations.


Board Member

Town of FalherDonna Buchinski
Town of High PrairieBrian Panasiuk - VICE CHAIR
Big Lakes CountyAnn Stewart
Town of McLennanJason Doris
Village of DonnellyMyrna Lanctot – CHAIR
M.D. of Smoky River #130Raoul Johnson
Village of GirouxvilleErnest Johnson
Town of ValleyviewGlenn Burke
M.D. of Greenview #16Dale Smith
Northern Sunrise CountyArt Laurin
Town of Fox CreekSheila Gilmour
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